Products Santa letters and packages personalized and addressed to your child! en-us Letter From Santa Each <strong>Letter from Santa</strong> is unique, contains at least 5 personalization entries and is 100% editable. Each <strong>letter from Santa</strong> is printed on top quality ivory paper, signed by Santa, and mailed in a green or red envelope with gold labels addressed to your child. A <strong>Letter from Santa</strong> makes a gift any child will remember for years to come. Your child will be amazed that Santa knows so much about them! <ul> <li>Custom templates</li> <li>Personalized entries</li> <li>Thick, ivory, antique paper</li> <li>Signed by Santa</li> <li>Mailed in green or red envelope with gold labels</li> <li>Includes North Pole postmark</li> </ul> <p>A letter from Santa can be used in so many ways to help your child. You can encourage your child to try harder in school, remind them to listen to adults and share or congratulate them for learning to ride a bike this year. From letters about new siblings to dealing with a tough situation, you can create a letter that not only keeps the magic of Santa alive but can say exactly what your child needs to hear. Create a letter from Santa that your child will cherish for years to come, one that sparks happiness and harbors memories.</p> Phone Call From Santa Your child won't believe their ears when they receive a personalized phone call from Santa Claus himself. Each phone call includes your child's name, age and gender. Santa's voice is full of Christmas spirit and is sure to bring excitement to the whole family. Choose from three different phone messages and pick what time you want Santa to call. <br /><br /> Please make sure your child answers their special call from Santa! Santa's phone number is <strong>(812) 301-1149</strong>. Be sure to add Santa as a contact in your mobile phone for a better experience. You may also want to store Santa's picture with it so his face shows up when he calls! <ul> <li>Santa's real voice</li> <li>3 personalizations per call</li> <li>3 original messages to choose from</li> <li>Santa's #: (812) 301-1149</li> <li>You choose when Santa calls</li> </ul> Good List Certificate The closer Christmas comes, the more worried children get that they might not have "made the cut" for the Good List. They’re not sure if they’ve been good all year or just some of the year and that can be a nerve racking thought. Now your child will know for sure that they did indeed make the cut and Santa will be visiting them.<br /><br /> Each Good List Certificate includes your child’s name and the year. Our Good List Certificates are signed by Santa Claus and include a custom gold embossed seal from the North Pole. These Good List Certificates make excellent gifts or keepsakes. <ul> <li>Includes Child’s name and year</li> <li>Signed by Santa Claus</li> <li>Includes custom North Pole gold embossed seal</li> </ul> <p>A Good List Certificate from Santa is a cherished reward that any child would feel lucky to receive. Create a Good List Certificate to encourage your child to be on their best behavior or use it to reward them for their hard work all year long. You could even mention that you had a talk with Santa earlier in the year and that you are surprised that your child received a Good List Certificate or maybe your child has been good and you had no doubt they would be at the top of the Good List this year. Either way, your child will be excited and relieved that they "made the cut" for the Good List this year.</p> Honorary Elf Certificate Each Honorary Elf Certificate includes your child’s name and the year. Our Honorary Elf Certificate is signed by Head Elf Sparky and includes a custom gold embossed seal from the North Pole. These Honorary Elf Certificates make excellent gifts or keepsakes.<br /><br /> This honor means your child is a great leader and sets a good example on how to be a good girl or boy to those around them. Maybe they are a great sibling or earn good grades in school or maybe your child is especially kind, either way, your child deserves recognition for having good character.<br /><br /> <ul> <li>Includes child’s name and year</li> <li>Signed by Head Elf Sparky</li> <li>Includes custom North Pole gold embossed seal</li> </ul> Rudolph Bell Order an authentic Rudolph sleigh bell with leather strap. Hang bell on Christmas tree or put away as a keepsake. Your child will be glowing when they put the bell to their ear and hear the magical sound of Christmas ringing back. Only true believers can hear the magic ring of Rudolph’s bell. <ul> <li>Comes in red gift box</li> <li>Bell is heavyweight brass sleigh bell</li> <li>Includes story card</li> <li>Topped with an exclusive sticker made by Rudolph</li> </ul> Magic Reindeer Feed Mrs. Claus helped a lot with the magic reindeer feed. She found that these extra magical Christmas tree flakes really give the reindeer that extra boost when they really need it. This magical feed helps the reindeer fly. Rather than Santa carrying around loads of Reindeer oats, he decided to send some snack sizes for the reindeer to some special good boys and girls to sprinkle on their yard. Our Magic Reindeer Feed comes in a collectable tin that can be saved or reused. The labels were designed with the help of Elf Ike and are an exclusive of Santa’s workshop. <ul> <li>Magic Reindeer feed</li> <li>Includes Christmas tree flakes</li> <li>Comes in collector’s tin</li> <li>Magical feed helps reindeer fly</li> </ul> * includes oats Santa Dollar Santa Claus wanted a way to reward his hardworking elves. Mrs Clause started giving away Santa dollars as a way to recognize a job well done. The elves keep them like trophies. Santa now wants to share them with good boys and girls. Recognize your child with an official Santa dollar. They will be so excited and want to show their friends. <ul> <li>Official North Pole Currency</li> <li>Elves favorite form of payment</li> <li>Real money</li> </ul> Santa Suit Piece Mrs. Claus started the tradition of making Santa a new suit every Christmas Eve year ago. Santa’s closet is over flowing with all of the suits so he’s decided to give pieces of them away to children on the Good List as a reminder that he is real and to be good all year long. With only a limited number of pieces available these beautiful, exclusive pieces of Santa’s red velvetly suit are moving quickly. Each 3x3 piece of Santa’s suit is displayed on a handcrafted background with a gold authenticity number sticker at the top and is settled in a hard plastic 5x7 sleeve. Theses pieces have traveled all around the world. It is a genuine swatch of Santa Claus's suit worn on Christmas Eve in a past year. <ul> <li>Includes authenticity number label</li> <li>Exclusive item - only 554 available!</li> <li>Includes story about suit on back</li> <li>Great keepsake</li> </ul> Signed Santa Photo Order a signed 4x6 photo of Santa checking the Good List. Our photos are glossy prints and have an authentic look. <ul> <li>4x6 size is perfect for scrapbooking or framing</li> <li>Signed by Santa Claus</li> <li>Printed on high quality paper</li> <li>Makes a great add-on item</li> </ul> Santa Window Decal These “Santa stop here” window decals were designed by the Elf in chief and approved by Dasher and Prancer. By placing this decal in the window, your child can rest assured knowing Santa will see the magical sticker. Your child must be good all year to receive decal. <ul> <li>Created by Elf in Chief</li> <li>Magic decal lets Santa know you’ve been good all year</li> <li>Easily removable</li> </ul> Christmas Tree Award Your child works hard every year helping with the Christmas tree decorations. Each one is placed in a specific, well thought out spot and hung on the tree with pride. Your child will light up when they receive a “Best Decorated Christmas Tree” ribbon sent to them by Santa Claus. What an achievement! The ribbon can be hung on your Christmas tree or kept safe as an award. With our exclusive design, your child will know for sure that their Christmas tree decorating job is truly the best. <ul> <li>High quality ribbon</li> <li>Silver metallic print</li> <li>Adds something extra to any letter or package</li> </ul> Santa Stop Here Door Hanger Comet the reindeer really wanted to shine when Santa was deciding what to include in his packages so he let him create this "Santa stop here" door hanger specifically for all the good boys and girls. He even included a picture of himself next to Blizzard the snowman. Santa loved the design and will know your child has been really good this year when he sees this hanging on their door. <ul> <li>Unique "Santa Stop Here" door hanger</li> <li>High-quality print</li> <li>Perfect extra gift for any child</li> </ul> Santa's Pre-flight Checklist Our exclusive Pre-Flight check list is a list of all the things Santa makes sure to get done before taking off on Christmas Eve. Santa must have dropped his checklist in your child’s package when he was getting it ready to send from the North Pole! How excited will your child be to see the actual list Santa uses to get ready for delivering the toys? <ul> <li>Printed on high quality scroll letterhead</li> <li>Check marked by hand by Santa</li> <li>Check marked in Christmas Green ink</li> </ul> Summer Postcard from Santa Order a personalized postcard from Santa on vacation in July reminding your child to continue being good all year. Your child will be excited to know that Santa is still thinking about them. These postcards are a great way to get your child pumped about Christmas and remind them to behave so they can stay on the Good list. <ul> <li>Postcard will be sent out in July 2018</li> <li>Postcard sent from tropical location</li><li>Addressed to your child</li> <li>Printed on high quality card stock</li> </ul> Santa Sleigh License Your child will be ecstatic when they realize that Santa left behind an Official Sleigh license issued in the North Pole. Each license is signed by Santa Claus and laminated for an authentic look. The Santa sleigh license includes a professional license photo of Santa Claus taken at the D.M.V. North Pole, AK. <ul> <li>Exclusive item made in North Pole</li> <li>Signed and laminated for authentic look</li> <li>Includes professional license photo of Santa</li> </ul> Christmas Fun Bands Santa’s Elves wanted children to know that although they work hard, they still know how to have fun and be silly. These Christmas silly band bracelets are fun to add to any package. <ul> <li>Packaged from the Elves</li> <li>Each pack contains 3 different silly band bracelets</li> <li>Fun to trade with friends</li> </ul> Xmas Balm <p> Farmed from the North Pole's Candy Cane Forest by Santa's elves, Xmas Balm is what Santa uses to protect his lips during reindeer flights. This peppermint lip balm is great to use on cold winter evenings and crisp days. Made from all organic ingredients, you know it will be safe for you and your family. </p> <ul> <li>Pepperment flavored</li> <li>All organic ingredients</li> <li>Santa tested, reindeer approved</li> </ul> <p style="font-size:smaller;"> <strong>Ingredients:</strong><br/> Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil,Organic Essential Oil of Peppermint, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, Organic Calendula. Net Wt. .15oz (4.25g) </p>