Phone Call From Santa

Spread Santa's Cheer
Price: $9.95
Your child won't believe their ears when they receive a personalized phone call from Santa Claus himself. Each phone call includes your child's name, age and gender. Santa's voice is full of Christmas spirit and is sure to bring excitement to the whole family. Choose from three different phone messages and pick what time you want Santa to call.

Please make sure your child answers their special call from Santa! Santa's phone number is (812) 301-1149. Be sure to add Santa as a contact in your mobile phone for a better experience. You may also want to store Santa's picture with it so his face shows up when he calls!
  • Santa's real voice
  • 3 personalizations per call
  • 3 original messages to choose from
  • Santa's #: (812) 301-1149
  • You choose when Santa calls

Personalize New Package's phone call from Santa

Santa's phone number is (812) 301-1149. Be sure to store it in your phone for a better experience!

Let's start by looking up your child's name. Don't worry, if we don't have it, we have some nice alternatives you may use.

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