Good List Certificate

Spread Santa's Cheer
Price: $6.95
The closer Christmas comes, the more worried children get that they might not have "made the cut" for the Good List. They’re not sure if they’ve been good all year or just some of the year and that can be a nerve racking thought. Now your child will know for sure that they did indeed make the cut and Santa will be visiting them.

Each Good List Certificate includes your child’s name and the year. Our Good List Certificates are signed by Santa Claus and include a custom gold embossed seal from the North Pole. These Good List Certificates make excellent gifts or keepsakes.
  • Includes Child’s name and year
  • Signed by Santa Claus
  • Includes custom North Pole gold embossed seal

A Good List Certificate from Santa is a cherished reward that any child would feel lucky to receive. Create a Good List Certificate to encourage your child to be on their best behavior or use it to reward them for their hard work all year long. You could even mention that you had a talk with Santa earlier in the year and that you are surprised that your child received a Good List Certificate or maybe your child has been good and you had no doubt they would be at the top of the Good List this year. Either way, your child will be excited and relieved that they "made the cut" for the Good List this year.