Printable Package

Printable Package

This personalized printable package includes 10 items you can print at home! Items are personalized to include your child's name. Printable package is available through the whole season, including Christmas day. Perfect for late season shoppers, works for those on a tighter holiday budget, includes high quality PDF images for printing and can be downloaded instantly.

Printable Thank You Card

Each printable Thank You Card is personalized with your child's name. This cute little note is meant to be left out late on Christmas Eve after Santa has eaten the snack you left for him. Your child will be so excited on Christmas morning to see that not only did Santa eat the snack, but also left a personalized Thank You Card. How nice! You can print it on a 4x6 index card or you can print it on paper and cut it out.

Printable Pre-flight Checklist

This Pre-Flight Checklist is everything Santa checks off before he leaves for Christmas Eve. Santa is often pretty clumsy with this list and loses it a lot. It seems he must have dropped it behind when visiting your house on Christmas Eve. Set this out somewhere for your child to find on Christmas morning as evidence of Santa's visit. Your child will be so thrilled! Size is 5x7.

Printable Gift Tags

These personalized Printable Gifts Tags are a great treat for both child and parent. You can easily print and cut out a page of 10 gift tags or print them on a label sheet. As children get older they look to see if the Santa signature is real or not. These gift tags convince your child their gifts really came from Santa. We made sure that the same Santa signature is used on all of our gifts for consistency. Your child will be so excited when they see the signature on their gift tags is the same on as on their Santa letter and Good List Certificate.

Printable Envelope

This Printable Envelope is sent from Santa in the North Pole and is addressed to your child. This envelope also includes a snow flake image and a reindeer stamp image. Put all of your printable items in this envelope and give to your child. Size is standard #10.

Printable Wish List

Print this personalized Christmas Wish List for your child and have them fill out what gifts they want for Christmas.

Printable package includes

  • Letter from Santa
  • Good List Certificate
  • Honorary Elf Certificate
  • Thank You Note for snack
  • Wish List
  • Santa's Pre-flight Checklist
  • Gift Tags
  • Activity Sheet
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Envelope from North Pole

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