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Want some extra Christmas money this year? We have you covered!

Top Santa Letter's Affiliate Program is the EASIEST way to make extra money for the upcoming holidays. No purchase necessary.

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Quick and easy - make sure that the mailing address is where you want your check to be mailed
Receieve 2 promo codes specific to your account
  • The first code will be for 20% off of the 2015 Elf Package. This code will be prefaced with 'pkg' (i.e. 'pkgtsmith1234')
  • The second code will be fore 10% off of any personalized letter from Santa! This code will be prefaced with 'ltr' (i.e. 'lrttsmith1234')
Share them with your friends and family
Pass savings on to your friends and family by sharing your promo code to them. Who doesn't want to save money around the holidays?!
Everytime your code is used to make a purchase, you receive CASH!
Whenever your code is used to make a purchase between 10/15/2015 and 12/10/2015, we will deposit cash into your affiliate account ($3 per letter; $5 per package). Checks will be mailed out no later than 12/15/2015
Receive bonus cash for reaching a certain amount of sales!
The more you referrels you get, the more money you make! See the bonus structure below
11-25$25Refer 20 people, make $125 -- (20*$5) + $25
26-50$50Refer 40 people, make $250 -- (40*$5) + $50
51-100$100Refer 75 people, make $475 -- (75*$5) + $100
101+$250Refer 120 people, make $850 -- (120*$5) + $250
** If you need to contact customer support, please visit our contact us page!