Personalized Letter from Santa

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Create Santa Letters using our unique, interactive letter creating process. Santa Letters make an excellent gift and keepsake. Create a Letter
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Santa Letters

Start a tradition this Christmas by creating your child a personalized letter from Santa. Our Santa Letters are 100% unique and created by Santa’s top elves. All of our Santa Letters contain at least 5 personalization entries and are completely editable. Our Santa Letters are printed on top quality ivory paper, signed by Santa, and mailed in a green or red envelope with gold labels addressed to your child.

Now you can amaze your child with our new gift boxes from Santa Claus! Each package is full of Christmas magic and is sure to keep your child believing in Santa and make them feel special. Choose from three upscale packages or add items individually to create your own package! All Santa Letters and Gift Packages from Santa include FREE shipping.

What makes us different
We want our customers to have a great experience during the creation and order process and part of that is giving you, the customer, control over every step from start to finish.
Create your own package
With our new Santa Package Creator you can make each package truly unique. Our one of a kind process allows you to start from scratch and add the items you want to create a package or start with one of our Santa packages and add additional items to it. Either way, our creator tool allows you to be in complete control of the magic.

Now you can choose which items you want in your package AND receive the package discount. The more you order, the more you save! Receive a discount when you order at least 3 items!

Number of Items Purchased Savings in Percent %
3 Items 5% Off
5 Items 10% Off
8 Items 15% Off
12 Items 20% Off
14 Items 25% Off
Printable Package
This personalized Printable Package includes 10 items you can print at home! Available through the whole season including Christmas day. Perfect for late season shoppers, works for those on a tighter holiday budget, includes high quality PDF images for printing and can be downloaded instantly.
FREE Gifts
Who doesn't love free stuff? Now with every order you get 5 free printable items! Free printable items include activity sheet and coloring sheet from Santa, Personalized Thank You note from Santa, Personalized gift tags from Santa, and personalized Christmas Wish List.
Completely Customizable
Our Santa letters are unique because you can edit the entire letter! You can use your own Christmas magic by adding or deleting any item in the letter. You can create a P.S., add a greeting or leave a special message. It’s completely up to you!
Great Gift for all ages
Santa letters aren’t just for children. They’re a great way to put a smile on anyone’s face! Keep the magic alive or spark a memory for anyone who receives one of our Santa letters. Surprise anyone with a letter full of details only Santa would know!
Unique letters and stationeries
Our stationeries are designed only by Santa’s closest elves. Top Santa Letters allows you to choose from multiple letters and multiple stationeries, a choice only found on our site.
Great quality, great value
All Santa letters are printed on the highest quality paper, signed by Santa and addressed specifically to your child, all for a great value.
Combine multiple orders into one checkout
Our custom order process allows you to combine multiple orders into one checkout rather than separate transactions. Each child will still receive their very own personalized Gifts from Santa but you can create and purchase packages under one checkout.
Package items sold individually
We are the only Santa shop that allows you to buy items individually. Individual items are sold at list price. If you order all items in one of our packages you automagically get the discounted rate. It’s a win win!
See a live preview of your letter
A Top Santa exclusive! Not only can you edit your entire letter, now you can see a preview of what your actual letter will look like. This allows you to make sure each letter is exactly what you want. The whole process is in your control.

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Santa Letter
  • At least 5 personalizations
  • Entire letter can be edited
  • One of a kind letterhead
  • Ivory antique laid 32lb paper
  • Made to order-never bulk made
  • Authentic Santa Signature
  • Only $8.95
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Good List Certificate
  • Includes year and child’s name
  • Signed by Santa
  • Offical “Good List” seal
  • Only $4.95
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Santa Letter Envelope
  • Metallic gold address labels
  • Christmas green or red envelope
  • Addressed to your child
  • FREE Shipping
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Santa Letter Envelope
  • Order gifts individually
  • Create your own package
  • More items than ever before
  • FREE Shipping
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